Bathtub Pull-Up Drain, White Finish

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Long camping trips or cross-country treks in an RV and mobile home can mean close quarters living for several days or even weeks. Staying clean is essential to keeping everyone as comfortable as possible during those long drives. Potable water is at a premium, especially if you are boondocking. Don't let a leaking drain ruin your trip. A firm pop-stop drain that prevents leakage is essential to conserving as much water as possible, while still getting clean. It is also a vital part of the plumbing system. The Road & Home Bathtub Pull-Up Drain also helps eliminate clogs and prevents unwanted debris from draining into the gray water tank. Made of durable non-metal materials to reduce degradation.

  • Designed for use in bathtubs in mobile homes and RVs
  • Fits 1-1/2 in. drains
  • White finish coordinates with most existing bathtub units
  • Durable non-metallic construction is corrosion resistant
  • Simple installation for speedy replacements
  • Comes complete with all locknuts and washers needed
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 2 in. x 3.65 in. x 5.7 in.