Tips for Proper Waste Management

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Tips for Proper Waste Management

Going on a road trip with your RV is so much fun, especially if you love the outdoors However, practicing proper waste management is essential. Here, we’ve gathered some tips to help you prevent any unwanted odors before you’re able to dispose of waste:

Find a Dump Station

Before you head out on our RV and begin your RV life, find the dump stations and integrate them into your itinerary. This will make RV waste removal fast and easy.
Thanks to technology, you can now link to Google maps in order to find dump stations close to where you are camping. Apart from a Google search, you can also search informational dump websites for your closest dump station.

Have Replacement Waste Parts at Hand

As you head out, ensure that you have proper functioning RV waste parts. At Road and Home, we have high-quality RV waste parts including plastic roof vent caps and an RV waste hose. The cap is a crucial element when it comes to maintaining a proper drain system.
Waste hose
However, the cap can get broken easily, so you should always have a replacement cap on hand. You should also have a replacement for the RV waste hose. This is because the RV waste hose is constantly subjected to abuse and can be damaged at any time.

Regular Treatments

Regular tank treatments are necessary for getting rid of the foul smell from the tanks. Treatment is always done after draining and flushing. Most people believe that treatments are only necessary for the black water tank and not the gray water tank. However, both tanks require regular treatment as both can emit bad odors if not properly treated.

 Let us know in the comments how you maintain your waste management system.


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