Road and Home Summer Safety Ideas for Your RV

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Road and Home Summer Safety Ideas for Your RV

If you want to enjoy your summer holidays without worrying about hotel expenses, your RV is a great alternative. To guarantee a safe and sound trip, be sure to take all necessary safety precautions. Here, we’ve gathered a few top tips:

Electrical System

A seasoned camper will tell you that RVs frequently experience power surges and sometimes total blackouts. You must be aware of a high chance of an electric shock in your RV. You may also experience under- and over-voltages in the vehicle.
An electric dog bone adapter will come in handy should you experience a total power blackout.

Electrical Cords

Damaged electrical cords are hazardous and may cause fire breakouts and electrocution. To be on the safe side as a camper, always have an emergency hook-up cord to use.

Doors and Windows

Your RV doors and windows need to be in perfect condition. You don't want to cruise around with a broken door or window. Note that locks, door handles and latches are notorious for breaking at the most inconvenient times.
It is necessary to have spare parts stashed somewhere in your RV. You can have extra door hinges, latches, locks, and baggage hatch lift kits.


Vents are necessary to provide ventilation to your RV. They are also used to lower the humidity inside your vehicle. If you want to keep your vents open even when it's raining, invest in a good vent cap.
However, be careful when driving under low-lying branches as they can break your caps. This is one reason why you’ll want to have an extra vent cap on hand.

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